Teach for Trust is a movement to restore, repair, and transform education, one relationship at a time.

I’m Ricky Robertson. I am an educator, author, and consultant who has worked with alternative and traditional schools, serving students from grades preK-12 within urban, suburban, and rural communities. I provide coaching, consultation, and multi-day professional development workshops to build systems of support for students impacted by Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and trauma, and the educators who work with them. I have a background in Restorative Justice/Practices, culturally responsive teaching, LGBTQ+ student advocacy, and trauma-informed practices for teaching and behavior management.   


Trauma-Informed Teaching Series

In this 8-part video series, Ricky guides educators through important topics related to educator well-being, trauma-informed teaching, and resilience. This video series was created thanks to a partnership between the National Education Association, AdLit, and WETA TV. The video series is an excellent a personal and professional learning resource for pre-K-12th grade educators.

Trauma & Resilience Podcast

In this 10-episode podcast series, Ricky interviews guests who offer an array of personal and professional perspectives on trauma-informed practices, resilience, and healing. Guests include Dr. Nadine Burke Harris, Dr. Bruce Perry, Cornelius Minor, Mathew Portell, and others. Listen here or on any major podcast platform…

Building Resilience


Building Resilience in Students Impacted by Adverse Childhood Experiences: A Whole-Staff Approach (2018), by Victoria Romero, Ricky Robertson, & Amber Warner, is a workbook for educators who are committed to the success of all students, especially those impacted by trauma and ACEs. The book explores the impact of ACEs and trauma on learning and behavior, including self-care for educators, classroom-based strategies, and a multi-tiered trauma-informed framework for teaching and behavior.  

“I cannot think of a book as needed as this one. It provides educators with a deeper understanding of the impact of childhood trauma on the educational experiences of young people, and it also gives us tools to support our students who have the most need while practicing necessary self-care to continue to serve them.”
– Lydia Adegbola, Professor & School Administrator

The book is available from Amazon, Corwin, and other retailers.

Coaching & Consulting

As a consultant and coach, I have helped schools to significantly improve students’ behavior, social-emotional, attendance, and academic outcomes through the development and implementation of trauma-informed multi-tiered systems of support.

I also provide professional development trainings to educators on topics such as educator well-being, trauma-informed teaching and behavioral supports, and resilience.

Please contact me if you are interested in learning more about my professional development and coaching services.